We maintain a top notch, state of the art facility with the latest in cutting edge pharmaceutical equipment and devices. We employ a team of certified lab technicians and chemist to handle all steps of the manufacturing process. All of our products are made in house, from start to finish, we do no outsourcing and never place the development of our medications into the hands of others. We continue to upgrade and refine our production methods and equipment to keep up with the latest technology in medication production.

Quality Control

At Accordo Rx, we take the quality and accuracy of our products seriously. We understand that we are in a business where consumers must know that they are getting an accurately dosed and sterile medicine, and that the health of many is dependent on being able to trust their medications and the company that produces them. All raw materials are sample tested for purity as are the finished products on a regular basis. The entire manufacturing and testing process is overseen by our staff of licensed chemist who are experts in the field of medicine production. At Accordo Rx, no expense is spared and no corners cut in ensuring that the quality of the products that we produce can stand up to the tightest of testing guidelines.

Marketing and Distribution

Accordo Rx believes in using an aggressive marketing strategy to ensure that our products are widely available to those in need worldwide. We have employed a top marketing team deployed throughout the globe to introduce our products to all areas. Rather it be distributing to hospitals, pharmacies, or even retail chains for our OTC meds, our goal is for those who need our products to improve their health and quality of life to be able to find them in their area. We are constantly looking to expand our distribution base and making an effort to alert new organizations and distributors to our brand and product lineup. Our goal is for the